Our Philosophy

First and foremost, our goal is to document, present, and share the work of artists we respect performing their music in unique and often unexpected places. We live, work, and play in and around the Lexington, Kentucky area and our hope is to show how this environmental context shapes the music that is created and performed here. While certainly art is and will always be created sometimes in spite of the lack of support for it, we at Shaker Steps believe whole-heartedly that support for artists is important. Support is paramount. Whether that support comes in the form of having a community of other artists around, or the support of attentive and engaged audiences, or having fun and interesting music venues and places to gather, and YES monetary support so that artists can hope to provide for their own basic needs and for their families, and so they can in turn continue to bless us with the music we love; SUPPORT (in all its forms) IS NECESSARY. Specifically, we believe that presenting music in the form of “take away show” videos can do a number of positive things to support artists. These are intimate recordings where audiences can more readily connect with the humanity of the artists themselves. For better or worse, youtube (and other video sharing sites like vimeo) has become a significant place where people listen to music. Unfortunately there are a number of abuses that occur such as people ripping a song and just posting that song with a picture of the album cover. Sometimes this is done truly with good intentions of sharing the music they love with other people. However, often times very little concern is paid to whether the artists themselves would be okay with it and even less concern about how artists can support themselves in light of people having access to their music for free. Shaker Steps (and other similar take away shows) can serve as an ethical alternative. When watching our videos, you can be sure that the performance of the song was given freely by the artist for the purpose of sharing it with audiences. We also always include direct links both on our website and in the description of the videos we post to youtube to the artists’ websites, facebook accounts, and places where audiences can buy their albums, merchandise, or tickets to a show. Our goal is to find and partner with local businesses interested in supporting the music “scene” in Lexington by helping to off-set some of our costs for video production AND pay the artists themselves a stipend for their performance. Thank you for your consideration and support, and we hope you enjoy these Shaker Steps videos and the amazing artists we have the privilege and honor to feature.


We at Shaker Steps only post material that has been performed for us freely by the artists. We claim no copyright to the songs, but we do claim ownership of the videos as well as the photography. Any advertising that appears on the site or videos does not represent a sponsorship of any artist or label. If you like what you see and hear, the best way to support the artist is to go see their show or buy their album. We always include a link to their webpages, so go support them!