Notes from the Creative Director

Ahh, Kentucky! 

I often get asked "What is your favorite aspect of being part of Shaker Steps"?  Most people assume it's the fantastic music to which I get a front row seat.  While the music is an essential part of what I do, I would place it 3rd on my list of favorite things about Shaker Steps.  The relationships and friendships that have been forged with many of our artists is more fulfilling to me than the music aspect .  While most of these relationships are centered around social media due to geographical constraints, I still find it very rewarding.  I have enjoyed sending Justin Paul Lewis a little note informing him of my sister-in-law's crush on him and informing Arthur and Arthur that my Mom would really like to hang out with them some time.  

My favorite aspect has simply been KENTUCKY.  Through Shaker Steps, I have been given access to some of the hidden gems Kentucky offers.  I'm not just talking locations as we have met some amazing Kentucky folk.  From sipping bourbon barrel aged moonshine to having free roam of a beautiful and famous horse farm, we've seen Kentucky shine.  In every single instance, the folks we met along the way were generous and kind.  

Derek and I have been going on little photo excursions as little multi-purpose excuses to hang out.  We are practicing with some new gear and scouting out some locations.  Recently we went to Stanford on a surprisingly warm December afternoon.  Stanford is a cool little town boasting a plethora of locally owned shops and restaurants.  I highly recommend the Bluebird Cafe.  The downtown area has retained seemingly all of it's historic charm.  The houses around town appear unchanged from the early 1900's and the public parking garage makes you feel like you've stepped back 100 years.


Making Videos: Derek Feldman and Mark Rush 

Shaker Steps feature in Chevy Chaser Magazine!

"While most of the artists featured in Shaker Steps videos are based in Lexington (Paul K., Willie Eames, Coralee and the Townies, Wooden Wand, Warren Byrom and others), Feldman and Rush have taken the opportunity to feature various touring artists as they stop through Lexington, including Browan Lollar (a member of Jason Isbell’s band the 400 Unit), Nashville guitarist William Tyler, and regional acts such as The Seedy Seeds and Elephant Micah. Feldman says he hopes to increase the range and variety of artists and invite some more of his favorites to come to town with the purpose of recording with them, as the KET deal will exponentially increase the exposure offered to featured artists. (The promo videos are free for the artists to use at their disposal, and Feldman and Rush hope to be able to eventually be able to compensate them, if the KET show brings in enough income from underwriters.)"

To read the entire article check out the following link.

Shaker Steps on KET Kentucky public television 


Web Series Shaker Steps to Become a Regularly Scheduled Show Broadcast on Public Television

Lexington, KY -- The popular, Lexington-based web series Shaker Steps, will become a television series on Kentucky Educational Television (KET). Known for their intimate, documentary film style, live music videos, Derek Feldman (Executive Producer) and Mark Rush (Creative Director) showcase talented, independent, local and not-so-local artists. They do so while highlighting Lexington and the surrounding area by filming at local businesses, parks, historic buildings, tourist attractions, and other interesting places around town.

Since its inception last Fall, Shaker Steps has featured a variety of artists including St. Paul and the Broken Bones, William Tyler, Wooden Wand, Tyler Childers, Paul K, Justin Paul Lewis, and many more to their viewers across the nation and around the world. Shaker Steps Productions has worked successfully with radio stations, music blogs, and other music related organizations to develop a respected taste-making reputation and a solid following.

Now, positioned to join KET’s roster for the new Fall lineup, Shaker Steps Productions is currently seeking underwriting and additional partnerships with businesses and organizations interested in supporting musicians, while at the same time bringing added exposure and attention to Lexington and our surrounding area. Additionally, the production team is always in search of locally owned businesses, historical buildings, and other interesting local events and sites to showcase while filming their televised music sessions.

For more information about Shaker Steps music blog and production, please visit, like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter.

Story about Shaker Steps on WUKY news! 

By Brenna Angel

LEXINGTON, Ky. - A new music blog is showcasing the talents of local musicians from central Kentucky.

The productions aren’t quite as fancy as something you’d see on MTV, but that’s the point of the music videos posted to Executive Producer Derek Feldman and Creative Director Mark Rush record local artists and also musicians who just happen to be stopping in Lexington for a gig.

“You get the music but you also get the visual experience of them. And then the way that we shoot, you get a little of the behind-the-scenes stuff too,” says Feldman.

With just a couple of cameras and lights, the live music videos are recorded at different places around town, such as an old farmhouse or a bourbon distillery.

For singer-songwriter Justin Paul Lewis of Louisville, the videos are a way of connecting with a new audience.

“Blogs like this, sessions like this, are so DIY, and it can reach out to so many different people.”

Feldman, a singer-songwriter himself, got the idea for Shaker Steps after participating in a similar project in St. Louis.

And the bloggers both have day jobs -- Feldman works for Community Action Council and Rush is a high school physics teacher. But they’ve already produced more than a dozen videos since launching in November.

“We’re offering [the musicians] these promotional music videos for free, which is great, we’re not charging them for it. But we also want to pay them for their time. Especially touring musicians, it’s nice to have a little extra money in your pocket as you’re touring through town. We want to show off Lexington like that.”

Shaker Steps has also partnered with WUKY’s Rock & Roots.

Click here for the full story on WUKY's website and to actually listen to the report and interview.

Shaker Steps Opens Up Lexington 

I've been a resident of Central Kentucky for damn near half my life. I've set up camp in Richmond, Berea, Nicholasville, and now Lancaster. Kentucky holds a very special place in my heart and I consider it among the greatest of locations on this planet. However, I never really fell in love with Lexington. For me, Lexington was always missing a puzzle piece. A corner puzzle piece to be exact. As a musician, I have performed within and attended all of the venues that are a staple of Lexington music. As an artist, I have been actively involved in various arts councils. Still yet, I could not find my peace with Lexington. About two months ago, that all changed. Executive Producer of Shaker Steps, Derek Feldman, asked if I would be interested in becoming the Creative Director/Videographer/Photographer for Shaker Steps. Just over two months later, having been introduced to some of the hidden gems Lexington has to offer, I have found that missing corner piece. Shaker Steps has given me the opportunity to bury myself within the microcosm of the Lexington art culture. Shaker Steps has opened me up to Lexington, and Lexington has opened up to me. Now, I find myself wanting to open Lexington up to as many folks as I can reach. I hope Shaker Steps can play a role and making Lexington THE place in this region that artists of all sorts come to visit.