A Healthy Dose of Anxiety

Doc Feldman & the Alt + Cntry + Delete

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A Healthy Dose of Anxiety

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Doc Feldman's sophomore album A Healthy Dose of Anxiety which features more of a band feel in most tracks with standouts like "Receiving (for Rollo May)," "Help Never Comes from Above," "Screwed," and more! This album was recorded with the help of a grant from the Kentucky Arts Council for excellence in songwriting. (SSR-106)

Expected release: April 30, 2021

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Kind Heart to Follow

Josh Nolan

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Josh Nolan's sophomore album Kind Heart to Follow featuring "Kein Hirte," "Revelations: Things Could Be Different," "Throw Me Under," and more! Pre-sale customers will receive a digital download of the album weeks in advance of official release. (SSR-1105)

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Sad Songs and Other Natural Disasters

Brian Combs

There’s a new voice this side of the horizon and it goes by the name Brian Combs. Approaching sanctity on “Hurricane,” Combs spits hardscrabble truths across the tracks of Lexington, Kentucky with his tumbled gravel delivery, imparting Einsteinian wisdom on “Featherless Appendages” and dissolution on “Mainline” with its desert echo. - Bucket Full of Nails

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Jeremy Squires

New Bern, North Carolina native and haunting folk troubadour Jeremy Squires engages listeners with his uniquely dark and beautifully vulnerable songs. On February 19, 2016 Shaker Steps Records (Lexington, KY) releases Jeremy’s 3rd full length album Shadows. The album represents a continued brutally honest meditation on confusion, heartache, and loss. Candid melancholy masterpieces like “Carry You,” “Hourglass,” and “Your Love” leave listeners speechless. Enjoy Shadows with a side of quiet contemplation.

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Sundowning at the Station

Doc Feldman

Sundowning at the Station is the debut album by alt-folk band Good Saints founder Derek "Doc" Feldman. Joined by friends and musical co-conspirators James Jackson Toth (aka Wooden Wand), David Chapman, and Jeremiah Floyd calling themselves "the LD50." The songs are somehow familiar and remain rooted in traditional American songwriting form, but utilizing distortion, weird field recordings, and other experimental noises as well as dark psychedelic lyrical themes has created something new and unique. Album was originally released by This Is American Music.

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Teased by the Wind

Good Saints / Langhorne Slim split

7" Vinyl split with "Teased by the Wind" by Good Saints and another song by Langhorne Slim.

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Texas Moan

Good Saints / Kill County split

7" vinyl release of "Texas Moan" by Good Saints and "Brown Lee" by Kill County

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